Monday, 20 September 2010

Seminism survived the Election

The national election here in Sweden yesterday gave the Sweden Democrats their historical breaktrough. After 22 years of parlamentarian word-whringing, finally they were rewarded with becoming yet another juridical body for political factionism.

The polical abuse and oppression of Swedish popular justified true opinion thus continues, through the cartel-buildning and corporationism among and of the individual political vote into juridical political personages. The only difference is that we now have 8 instead of 7 politist cartels, holding political power and influence far beyond what any single individual can compete with.

Massmedia, the state propaganda-machinery, the cultural-industrial complex, the anarcho-capitalist financial oligarchy, the politist establishment, and the religio-delusional movement have all collaborated fevourously to pump up an hysterical attidude towards the Swedish Democrats among the masses of the Swedish population or "people", as they call it. "Foreigner Hostile", "Racist", "Nazi-rooted" are the kind of epithets used to charachterize the new cartel. The brandishing is made to draw upon the insidious so called "Anti-nazi" conditioning which have been inculcated using the most grotesque vocabulary, imagery and interpretation possible.

The result is that the great majority now harbours comparable feelings towards the Sweden Democrat cartel's supporters as would be expected among, say, the French, towards a uniformed classical National Socialist cartel, if such a one would have had the same kind of success in France. Needless to say, this is an absurd overreaction.

Likewise, it is like quarreling over the placement of chairs while the ship is sinking. The real questions is not only not on the politist cartels' discussion tables, but not on the minds of hardly anyone but me. Therefore, it is clear that Seminism can not be robbed of any power. It remains equally supported by me only. One day it must be victorious among all, or all must perish - but as yet the situation is not particualry critical.